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The easiest way to get your tickets!





At the end of the Credit Card payment, a confirmation page will appear with the print button on.
You need only to use your home printer (both color or black and white) to get your tickets and you can go directly to the entries without queuing at the cashier.


See into the events list below the ones with the print at home icon.


1 when Do I have to print the tickets?
At the end of the transaction; it will appear you a page of confirmation of the order with the button for the press.

2 What do I need?
To get your tickets you only need your home printer (both color or black and white); then you can go directly to the entries without making queues at the cashier stations!

3 I don't have a printer.
You can't purchase the tickets online.
We recommend you to purchase the tickets directly onsite.

4 Please note before printing.
You shall check the regular operation of your printer (turned on or out, level of toner, number of sheets...); besides before printing the tickets you could make a printing test.
We recommend you to print the tickets at least in normal or tall formality and not in draft, so that to avoid that the barcode is printed badly.

5 Please note after printing.
You shall preserve with care the ticket, avoiding to fold up him/it, to stain him/it or to bathe him/it especially in proximity of the bar code.

6 The ticket is not duplicabile in some way.
Each ticket will be verified by the access control system of Omniticket at the entries of the event. The system is able to recognize and to accept only the single ticket produced with its relative data; possible copies or manipulations of the data brought on the ticket will be recognized and stopped by the system and will be pursued to terms of law.
The tickets can be printed once alone.

7 Payment Confirmation e-mail.
An e-mail confirming your payment will be sento to you.
To Prin this e-mail doesn't replace in some way the tickets.

8 Incomplete printing.
In the case you find problems with you printer ( paper ended, toner ended...) you will be able to click above a link that signals your problem to the Omniticket Web Support or you can send an a-mail to:
The Omniticket Web Support will answer you sending by e-mail your ticktes in a PDF format.

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