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1. How do I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets by clicking on the icon or the button of the event of interest which you can find on the homepage or on the pages which are subdivided according to type: museums, galleries, themeparks … etc.; every event has its information page on scheduled times and prices and a button "buy" to activate the acquisition procedure.

2. Where, how and when do I collect the tickets?
You collect your tickets on site at the ticket box of the museum or the park of the event on the very day of your booking.
Attention: In order to avoid queuing up like the other guests who still need to buy their tickets, you can either directly turn to the staff or to the ticket boxes dedicated to Internet sales.

3. Within when do I need to buy tickets?
You can buy the tickets until midnight of the preceding day. Example: You can buy a ticket valid for the event at 10:30 of the 10th September until 23:59 of the 9th September.

4. Which payment methods are accepted?
Ticketclic accepts two payment modes: credit card and/or Omnipay.
Credit Card
Visa o Mastercard

5. How does the online acquisition work?
In order to activate the transaction, you simply need to click on the acquisition button which refers to the event you can find on every page. If you follow carefully all steps you are asked to carry out, the transaction will be successfully completed and the privacy absolutely respected.
During the transaction one immage on the top of the page will help you to understand where you are:

You will be asked to:
1)2)3) select (in the following order) the date, the hour and the type of ticket;
4) Confirm your basket.
5) enter your demographic data paying attention to writing everything in a correct way: in case you enter your e-mail address wrongly, the communication of the confirmation e-mail of the effected payment by Telepay will be hampered;> Accept the collection conditions.
6) select the payment mode: CREDIT CARD.
- Accept the conditions of the regulations;
7)You are in the Secure Server> Enter the data as per your credit card and confirm with OK,
8) Wait for the result of the payment.
Only after the communication of the processed payment and after having clicked on "ok", the transaction can be considered at an end.

6. The payment has been successful but I have not received any confirmation by e-mail: what do I need to do?
Maybe some minutes pass by until you receive the confirmation by Omniticket.it.
If instead even after some minutes you have not received any e-mail, please write to:
indicate your booking code and name of reference for the transaction, and ask to control the effected payment. In any case, it is always important to note down the booking code during the transaction!!! If the payment has been effected regularly, you can present the code even without having received any e-mail at the ticket boxes so that it is possible to trace your booking.

7. How do I know that the transaction has been successful?
To control the validity and the data of your booking code, click on the button "check your transaction" you can find on the homepage and at the bottom of this page and enter your surname and the booking code:
e.g. WEB0012345OS

8. What do I need to present at the cashier station in order to collect the tickets booked by Internet?
You need to show either the print out of the Omniticket-Ticketclic confirmation mail or communicate your booking code e.g. WEB0012345OS

9. How much do the bookings cost? Is it more expensive to buy tickets online?
Right now, Omniticket politics for Ticketclic want to stimulate acquisition via Internet. Therefore, the prices are bound to be even less than those at ordinary on site ticket boxes. For instance, at Mirabilandia the online acquisition costs 2 Euros less than the price standard!!!! As far as the other cases are concerned, the price of the ticket does never include any added quote in comparison to the normal price of the event!!

10. Is the site Ticketclic safe?
Do not worry! The site Ticketclic is SAFE!!
The bank service is by Payment Gateway - CONSORZIO TRIVENETO - VISA (Verified by Visa).
The offered security level is that of protocol SSL with ciphering a 128 bit. The data which refer to the credit card are exclusively communicated to SSB (Società Servizi Bancari/Company of Banking Services). This guarantees you that the merchant cannot use your credit card data in any fraudulent way.

For further information, please write to:

For advice, recommendations, and problem shooting, write to:


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