The general conditions described in the following regulate the relationship between OmniTicket Network Srl
(hereafter referred to as OTN), supplier of information and online ticket sales, and the users of such services. is the OMNITICKET NETWORK site for the online ticketing.

Art. 1
Subject of the Service
The service supplied by OTN aims at furnishing information on access to cultural, artistic, and entertainment venues, information as per musical and sports events as well as the possibility for users to book and buy admission tickets for the events mentioned above. This service is distributed by the site

Ways to Book and Buy Tickets
In order to book and buy tickets, you need to fill in the online form, which has been predisposed by OTN in all mandatory parts. We kindly ask the users to read the provisions of the protection of their privacy. Until the transaction has been successfully completed, the availability of tickets is subject to variation. The purchase of a ticket is completed when you fill in the form and process the payment. Users can buy several tickets within a single transaction. In addition, OTN has prepared guidelines (FAQ), which help the user during the entire process of the ticket purchase.

Art. 3
Ticket Payment Modes
Following the instructions during the described online procedure, payments can be processed using the VISA credit card, Eurocard or MasterCard.

Art. 4
Collecting Tickets. There are 2 methods available:

unless otherwise specified, tickets can be picked up directly at the ticket counter of the selected visit place, showing the Confirm Order. More specific pick-up points might be indicated (individual ticket counters, reception, help-desk, etc.)
at the end of the Credit Card payment process, a confirmation page will appear with the print button on.
You need to use your home printer (both color or black&white) to print your tickets that will be valid to go directly to the entries of the event.
Each ticket will be verified by the access control system of Omniticket at the entries of the event. The system is able to recognize and to accept only the single ticket produced with its relative data; possible copies or manipulations of the data brought on the ticket will be recognized and stopped by the system and will be pursued to terms of law.
The tickets can be printed once alone.
If not otherwise stated, the tickets can be collected at the ticket boxes of the venue you are going to visit. Pay attention to specific points of reference where to pick up the tickets bought online (ticket boxes, reception etc.).

Art 5
Ticket Prices
If not otherwise stated, the price includes the face cost of the ticket, the cost of the booking, and the rights to commission of OTN.

Art. 6
Renunciation of the Effected Purchase
In case the user renounces, OTN does not provide for the reimbursement of the paid ticket.

Art. 7
Events Cancelled or Postponed by the Organizers
OmniTicket Network will refund the customer with the ticket individual price except the cost of internet booking.
Art. 8

OmniTicket Networks Limits of Responsibility and Rights
OTN does not assume any responsibility for potential direct or indirect damage of any nature connected to the services supplied by
Furthermore, OTN reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt whatever function or service for technical or organizational reasons.